Services Tailored to Your Needs


Because I offer a variety of services, I prefer to meet or talk with clients so you can get the package that will fit your needs. To meet these needs, clients can either choose a package or choose an individual service. I have a pricing list available, so you know exactly what you’re purchasing.

Drone still photos will begin at $50.00 for 10 photos.

Drone video footage will begin at $75.00 for 2 minutes.

Drone photos and video footage begins at $100.00 for 10 photos and 2 minutes of footage.

Still Camera photography will begin at $200.00 for house interior/exterior pictures.

Still Camera photography will begin at $100.00 for land/lot pictures.

A full video tour with still photos, drone photos/footage and music will begin at $300.00 for approximately a 3 minute video.

*All photos and videos can be MLS compliant to upload to your real estate listing.

*Price includes a one-time round-trip travel to a property within 30 miles of Chetek. For each additional mile to the location, an additional fee will be charged. For clients in a remote or distant location, I’m willing to work out travel expenses with you.

Some other services I can offer my clients include adding on to a prior virtual tour and creating virtual tours out of photos or videos you already may have!

Storm that produced a tornado in Chetek WI.

May 16, 2017

My Available Services

A Little Something for Everyone

I offer a wide variety of photography-related services to meet your needs. If you need a service that isn’t listed here, contact me. 

Still photography of home interiors and exteriors

Still photography of land/lots 

drone photos and videos 

 full video tours of photos, video and music

Going the Extra Mile for Amazing Photos


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